What is Steam Cleaning?

Out of all the carpet cleaning methods, Steam Cleaning is the most common. But what exactly is “steam cleaning”? Most people don’t realize that steam carpet cleaning doesn’t actually use pure steam to clean. In fact, the technical term for this method is called hot water extraction. This is because hot water is used to clean the carpet fibers, not steam. The problem with the idea of using actual steam to clean is that there is no rinsing of the fibers, which is crucial for removing soil. Also, the heat from pure steam can be enough to damage certain types of fibers. In particular, berber carpet fibers are easily melted. So really using steam to clean is not the best idea.


Whats the difference?

The difference really just comes down to water temperature. Using the hot water extraction method allows a “flushing” action that cannot be attained using just steam. While its true that a certain amount of steam is produced with hot water extraction due to the high water temperatures, the steam is not whats cleaning the fibers. Keep in mind that most carpet cleaners first apply an emulsifier to break up the dirt deep in the fibers. Its important that these cleaning detergents are removed using a clean rinse step.

Some additional info on the difference between steam cleaning and hot water extraction taken from a carpet cleaning blog:

Most carpet manufacturers recommend that their products be cleaned with hot water extraction. Natural fibers are cleaned with hot water extraction to prevent shrinkage, as is upholstery. It can be used to treat stains as well, unlike steam cleaning, which is avoided because it can actually set stains permanently. Steam cleaning is often used with synthetic carpet, and some people believe the higher level of heat will improve the cleanliness of their carpet.

However, homeowners should beware of renting or buying products like extractors and steamers to use at home. Inexperience and subpar equipment could lead to soaking of your carpet and a large amount of detergent residue, while inadequate ventilation could cause mold growth.

If you use a professional cleaner, the hot water extraction method will work well if they avoid high levels of detergent and detergent residue, which attracts dirt and can quickly make your carpet dirty again. This is ideal if you or your family are concerned about exposure to volatile chemical compounds. Professionals will also make sure that most of the water sprayed on the carpet is removed. The process doesn’t take long and usually involves four simple steps. They’ll start with an inspection of the area, then they’ll apply an emulsifier or detergent, next they will rinse the carpet clean with water, and finally they will vacuum out nearly all of the water. Within a couple of hours, your carpet will be dry again and ready for use.

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How Often Should You Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned?

Lets face it, your carpet endures a lot of abuse. Heavy traffic from half wiped muddy shoes, traffic from your pets, and the occasional traffic that results in someone spilling their drink all over the carpet. You’ve tried everything from vacuuming, carpet spot and stain removal products, even using your own home steam carpet cleaner. But it seems like your carpet is determined to hold on to that grime. It’s going to take a miracle to get your carpet looking new again!

Don’t wait until it is almost impossible to get your carpet back into shape. To maintain one of the biggest investments in your home you should schedule a professional carpet cleaner to clean your carpets regularly. The goal is to have your carpet cleaned before obvious signs of aging and wear are evident. If you ignore the problem, dirt can actually shorten the lifespan of your carpet.

How Does Dirt Ruin Carpet?

When your kids, the dog and your spouse forget to wipe their feet, they are introducing your carpet to more dirt and soil than normal. This speeds up the time in between professionally carpet cleanings, because dirt eventually becomes attached to your carpet fibers. As a result, your carpet begins to wear prematurely. 

How Often Should You Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned?

The average person without a lot of traffic and less dirt can get away with getting their carpet cleaned only once a year. If you live alone, you can go up to 2 years without a professional cleaning. Of course regular vacuuming is very important in between professional cleanings.

The more people you have in your home the more often you will need to have your carpet cleaned. If you have children, you should get your carpet professionally cleaned every 6 to 9 months. Do not forget to vacuum the most trafficked areas twice a week and the rest of the house once a week.

If you have children and pets, your timetable is moved up to around 3 to 6 months between carpet cleaning. That is with the addition of vacuuming 2 to 4 times every week. If you have a large family that includes many adults, children and multiple pets, vacuuming is a daily chore and you should call a carpet cleaning service that has the equipment to provide professional results. You might want to have the job done every 2 to 3 months.

Vacuuming of course is very important, but can never take the place of a deep professional carpet cleaning. And replacing your carpet can be very expensive. If you want to help extend the life of your carpet, hire a professional carpet cleaning company.  If you are looking for carpet cleaning company that uses professional equipment and can handle tough jobs in the Rochester area, call Carpet Cleaning Rochester NY.


How to Remove Odor From Carpet

Do you have an upcoming special occasion in your home? Maybe an open house, special holiday gathering, of just want to get you house into shape and are embarrassed about the odor coming from your carpet? Whether its the kids spilled milk, Fido’s dirty dog smell, or even pet urine, you need to get the problem taken carpet of the right way the first time. Thats why we’re here today to offer some tips for removing those unpleasant odors.

Being on big filter, your carpeting seems to grab and hold onto those nasty odors. Getting rid of them will be a challenge, and will depend largely on the type and intensity of the odor. One thing that will always help is fresh air. Open some windows, get some fans going and give the odor some space and a chance to air out. Here is some helpful tips on how to neutralize odors in carpets.

How to Get Rid of Carpet Odor with Baking Soda

The following tips we found on howtocleanstuff.net:

  1. Baking soda is well known for removing odors. It’s easy to use and effective for removing odors from carpeting.
  2. Sprinkle the area liberally with baking soda. For odors that go beyond the surface, brush the area lightly with a broom to work the baking soda down into the fibers.
  3. Sprinkle an additional layer of baking soda on top of the carpet. Thin layers of baking soda will not work as effectively. Do not be afraid to use enough to get rid of the odor.
  4. Allow the baking soda to set at least overnight on the affected area. Two days is even better, if possible.
  5. After 1-2 days have passed, sweep the top layer of baking soda into the dustpan with a stiff broom. If the baking soda was placed on a rug, it can be shaken off outdoors.
  6. Vacuum the remaining baking soda from the carpet with a strong vacuum. Do not vacuum the top layer first, as this can damage the vacuum.
  7. Smell the area to see if there is improvement. If there is, reapply another layer of baking soda and repeat the process. Baking soda does not damage the carpeting, so the process can be repeated as often as necessary.
  8. If the odor is not removed, vinegar can be applied to the carpet. It can be sprayed on the surface or blotted on with a soft cloth. If the odor is from a liquid that has been absorbed by the carpet, it will be necessary to apply enough vinegar to reach the source of the odor (keep in mind that it may have soaked into the padding as well), but avoid saturating the carpet.
  9. Allow the vinegar to set on the carpet for 15 minutes or so. The acid in the vinegar can work through the odor-causing bacteria in the carpet.
  10. Blot with a clean cloth to remove.
  11. Rinse by spraying and/or blotting the area with clean water.
  12. Press with a clean cloth to absorb any remaining water.
  13. Allow to air dry completely.
  14. Repeat as necessary until the stain is removed.

Read the full article here.

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7 Steps to Remove Candle Wax from Carpet

If you’re reading this, you’ve committed the common error of burning candles and spilling wax onto your carpet or rug. So now that you’re done slapping your forehead, let’s fix the problem!

7 easy steps to remove wax from your carpet.

Note: If it’s a valuable, handmade wool or silk rug, follow steps 1 and 2, then take the rug immediately to a professional carpet cleaner.

This how-to is intended for ordinary household carpets.
1. As soon as possible, place a cold pack (or a zip lock bag full of ice cubes) on the affected area to harden the wax. (about 10 minutes)

2. When the wax is hard (not gummy) use a butter knife to scrape away as much of the hardened wax as you can from the carpet. Try to do this gently so that the bigger chunks do break into little pieces.

3.Throw away the bigger pieces of wax and use your best vacuum cleaner to suck up all the bits of loosened wax.

4. Now place a thick, quality paper towel or brown paper bag (no print, please) on the area.

5. Use your iron on a low setting (lower for man-made fibers than for wool), and iron the area through the paper. As you see the paper absorbing wax, move it to a fresh spot, being careful not to get any of the now-waxy paper on the carpet. Repeat until you see that no more wax is absorbing into the paper.

6. A stain may remain from colored candles. Apply rubbing alcohol to the spot, blotting gently. If there is still some staining, iron the spot on a low setting through another fresh cloth. The cloth should absorb most if not all of the stain. Use carpet solvent to remove any shadow of stain, and continue to blot, taking care to follow directions on the bottle.

7. Vacuum the area several times to raise the nap of the carpet, and cover with a clean towel while it dries. If you are still having trouble removing all of the wax or there is still a remaining carpet stain, call a professional carpet cleaning company like Carpet Cleaning Kansas City MO. Click here to learn how often you should have your carpet cleaned by a professional cleaning company.