If you’re reading this, you’ve committed the common error of burning candles and spilling wax onto your carpet or rug. So now that you’re done slapping your forehead, let’s fix the problem!

7 easy steps to remove wax from your carpet.

Note: If it’s a valuable, handmade wool or silk rug, follow steps 1 and 2, then take the rug immediately to a professional carpet cleaner.

This how-to is intended for ordinary household carpets.
1. As soon as possible, place a cold pack (or a zip lock bag full of ice cubes) on the affected area to harden the wax. (about 10 minutes)

2. When the wax is hard (not gummy) use a butter knife to scrape away as much of the hardened wax as you can from the carpet. Try to do this gently so that the bigger chunks do break into little pieces.

3.Throw away the bigger pieces of wax and use your best vacuum cleaner to suck up all the bits of loosened wax.

4. Now place a thick, quality paper towel or brown paper bag (no print, please) on the area.

5. Use your iron on a low setting (lower for man-made fibers than for wool), and iron the area through the paper. As you see the paper absorbing wax, move it to a fresh spot, being careful not to get any of the now-waxy paper on the carpet. Repeat until you see that no more wax is absorbing into the paper.

6. A stain may remain from colored candles. Apply rubbing alcohol to the spot, blotting gently. If there is still some staining, iron the spot on a low setting through another fresh cloth. The cloth should absorb most if not all of the stain. Use carpet solvent to remove any shadow of stain, and continue to blot, taking care to follow directions on the bottle.

7. Vacuum the area several times to raise the nap of the carpet, and cover with a clean towel while it dries. If you are still having trouble removing all of the wax or there is still a remaining carpet stain, call a professional carpet cleaning company like Carpet Cleaning Kansas City MO. Click here to learn how often you should have your carpet cleaned by a professional cleaning company.